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1、 can effectively implement the provisions of the design process and quality control requirements and actively implemented
2、 can complete the programme from the designers to work in the design drawing at the beginning of the expansion
3、 tracking, various types of optimization, modify, finalized designer of the project
4、 to assist project director promote the operation of the project
5、 the classification and management of design data
6、 complete the temporary work arranged by leadership

1、 college degree or above in architecture or related field
2、 familiar with building codes, independently complete design project experience is a plus
3、 good communication skills, language expression and project understanding ability
4、 design creative and have a certain ability to hand-painted
5、 familiar with AutoCAD, Photoshop, Sket - up, Indesign and other design software
6、 familiar with office software Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc